The City of Darkness: NEW YORK BY NIGHT

A Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post Set In The Modern Nights Of New York City.
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 The Grass is Actually Greener on This Side

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PostSubject: The Grass is Actually Greener on This Side   The Grass is Actually Greener on This Side EmptySun Jan 19, 2014 1:21 pm

The famous Bowling Green is the home of the world famous Charging Bull of New York City's Financial District, a popular tourist attraction. What is largely unknown is the history behind this part of New York and it's single digit building addresses.

This was the home of the earliest known Kindred in the region, with names like Shining Dear, Clear Bear, and preeminent of all Pale Wolf. From these shores, the lands were traded for beads to Ventrue, Pieter Schage on November 5, 1626. From there, it was built up and became first capital of the emerging United States. As the US won the Revolutionary War, much of the big picture came into view for the Sabbat, take over the New World. It wasn't long before New York became one of the Sabbat's important cities, one that would change hands several times between the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

In mortal history, it is best known for the beheading of the statue of King George III, a sign of the new American Spirit of Independence, made significant as Bowling Green was the site of so many of the protests that lead to the Revolutionary War. Rumors have it that the mortals were incited by the Brujah elder Ecaterina the Wise, A Brujah Antitribute that was credited with being a part of the Sabbat in New York since the city's founding at Fort Orange.

Now, Bowling Green is a popular place for New Yorkers, especially those who work in the Financial District, to go and have lunch.
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The Grass is Actually Greener on This Side
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