The City of Darkness: NEW YORK BY NIGHT

A Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post Set In The Modern Nights Of New York City.
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 Playing the Game

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Playing In The Game
New York City can feel like a small place with a large population.(8.337 Million People) This would mean that there is room for a whole lot kindred and Cainites.  As you play through the city, you may find that you would like to experience different views of the city. To do so, we allow for multiple characters from the same player, up to 4. The option of multiple characters is to experience the city and explore different aspects of it.  Your Player Characters (PCs) don't have to all be from the same or from different sects, but they must be different in that they are not mutually supporting each other.  For example, if you want to play 3 Brujah, they can't all be in the same sect.

Here are your playing options
Mortal Ghoul
Mortal Hunter

Vampire - Camarilla

Vampire - Anarchs

Vampire - Sabbat
Serpents of the Light
Assamite Antitribu
Brujah Antitribu
City/Country Gangrel Antitribu
Malkavian Antitribu
Nosferatu Antitribu
Toreador Antitribu
Ventrue Antitribu

Vampire - Independent
Children of Osiris
Daughters of Cacophony
Followers of Set (Setites)

For Submissions, PM your character's backstory to one of the ST's(Admins) for approval ad we will work together on your character sheet. The kind of character history and description you supply us determines the kind of character you will play.  You may play a Fledgeling (0-5 years), Young Neonate (6-25 years), old Neonate (26-75 years), young Ancilla (76-125 years) and old Ancilla (126-200 years).  Each level of age you play comes with pros and cons.  

Character Sheets and Historical Backstories
The City of Darkness uses dice to solve issues where dice comes into play, such as combat or difficult tasks where your may have a serious chance of failure.  To submit a character sheet, you must first write up a description and backstory on the character you want to play.  We want a detailed history of who they are, where they come from, how they came to be in New York.

Here is the format of what we are looking for...
Player Name:
Age of embrace:
Lineage if Known:
Place of birth:
Physical Description:

Early Life:(Mortal) - include any mortal or immortal family members that are still floating about in your character's lives
Embrace: - talk about your sire and the experience of your embrace, how it impacted you, and include if you were a ghoul or not.
Life Since Your Embrace: Include what you have learned. What you do for a living, and when and why you are coming to New York.  If you are planning on selecting certain backgrounds, you need to justify them here.

Allies - Close companions who could be called on for most anything.Describe who they are please.  And no important figures like The Prince or the Chief of Police or any high ranking military official.
Arsenal - This background gives your character an assortment of weapons she has free access to. Be careful though, you may end up getting regular visits from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms ).
Contacts - Those willing to help for a favor in return. As written above, no body of any major importance.
Fame or Notoriety - How well-known the character was in society; Notoriety generally carried negative connotation, however.
Describe why you are famous in your history.  If you are a Rock Star locally or abroad, explain it.
Generation - This background dictates your characters starting generation. The lower your characters generation the more blood points your character can hold and spend per turn. Characters will start at 12th generation unless otherwise altered through background points.  Besides the points given for the expenditure of this stat and the including of the history, it can add prestige to your character.
Herd - A group of mortal kine whose members allow a certain vampire to feed upon them. Describe how you know them, did they follow you, did you meet them in New York, do they worship you?
Influence - A character's ability to affect mortal society. You really have to explain in depth how you have any influence in New York, what you did to earn it, and what you do to keep it?
Lore - What you know about a particular subject beyond the generalizations Occult may touch upon Lore lets your character understand the historical and mystical ins and outs of a clan or a sect or a species, recognition of specific things related to that lore, even recognizing historical and names, faces and events inherent to the Lores. Some Lores cover topics like The Brujah Clan, The Sabbat, Werewolves, Noddism...for example.
Mentor - An experienced guide through the supernatural or everyday world. Describe your mentor, he can be your sire.
Night Life - Ownership of a bar or a club in the city that never sleeps. Describe the kind of bar, club, or restaurant you want to own, and we will tell you how many points you will need to invest to make that happen.  This stat is also tied into your Resources stat.
Resources - How much he has to live on every month. Describe how you make your money and what investments you use, such as things that tie into your influences.  A warning, New York can be expensive, and Manhattan, VERY expensive. Keep that in mind when picking out your Haven
Retainer - A Ghoul, someone who regularly drinks a vampire's blood.  You generally have 2 kinds of ghouls, The Trusted Valet and The Ghoul Bodyguard.  They can handle minor tasks and will be played by you and us (STs).  A quick note, Ghouls act like junkies in almost all ways, they are addicted to blood and gain many benefits, but other mortals will notice their oddness.  Imagine Renfield, from Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Status - Where a character ranked in the social structure of their Sect. Describe what you did to earn it, it does not mean that you will get it approved, but without any write up on this, you will be granted none.  You May Not Start Above Status 3.
Clan Status - Where a character ranked in the social structure of their clan. As described above, write what you did to earn it, it does not mean that you will get it approved, but without any write up on this, you will be granted none.Not Start Above  Clan Status 3

After your Backstory is approved, you will be given a choice of a pre-made character sheet that you may adjust slightly to personalize.
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Playing the Game
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