The City of Darkness: NEW YORK BY NIGHT

A Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post Set In The Modern Nights Of New York City.
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 The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down

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The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down Empty
PostSubject: The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down   The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 8:09 pm

The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down Map

New York is primarily Camarilla Controlled, with Manhattan(NYC), Queens, and The Bronx firmly under the control of the Princes, Diego and Xavier de Marco.  Apposing the Tower stands the Sword under the leadership of the Archbishop Diego Orozco and The Anarchs of Staten Island under the Baron, Artemus de Lusignan.  It is a never ending battle for supremacy under the careful guises of machiavellian political maneuvering, brutal warfare and depraved acts of violence and other criminal activities. All of this stays hidden behind the Masquerade, which surprisingly, the Arch Bishop supports as it keeps the Hunters at bay.

Amongst all of this, The Giovanni have a strong presence in New York, owning much of the commercial and industrial ports of entry, to include the 2 major airports.  The Giovanni also run the city morgues and hold influence in quite a few of the churches and hospitals throughout the entire area.  Their main estates are in Queens and The Bronx, and so the Camarilla, especially the Tremere and the Ventrue hold a very uneasy trues, The Promise is the only thing keeping them from going at each other as well.

The Assamites hold quiet cells on all sides of the fence and take contracts from those with enough power and enough blood to make the contracts they take worth wild.  The schism has not taken place in this timeline, but there are a few Children of Haqim that reside amongst the walls of the Tower, and find their nights are filled with bloody battles vs their brethren that remained amongst the Sword.

The Ravnos mull about in unknown numbers all around the area with none to cull their schemes. It is rumored that when the Hunters came to New York in 2000, and almost toppled this city as Calebros stepped down and Orozco stepped up, it was on the heels of the Ravnos and their gypsy ways that it all almost came to an end.  

The Serpents hold cult like status on the streets and run many of the gangs from behind the love of money, power, and vices that they offer.  In a frightening turn of events, the Settites have made many new, influential friends and followers amongst many of New York's up and coming and ridiculously wealthy, earning them the ire of both the Ventrue and the Toreador.

The other bloodlines that hide in the dark allies of the streets of New York have their stories to tell, but if they are out their, none have lived to tell their tales or they have successfully integrated to the point were none know about them.
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The Bronx is Up and the Battery is Down
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