The City of Darkness: NEW YORK BY NIGHT

A Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post Set In The Modern Nights Of New York City.
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 Somewhere Between the Moon and New York City.

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Somewhere Between the Moon and New York City. Empty
PostSubject: Somewhere Between the Moon and New York City.   Somewhere Between the Moon and New York City. EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 11:50 am

While the game being mostly centered around New York By NIGHT, a "City That Never Sleeps", we understand that the city is busiest during the day, and so alow for some scenes to be played during the day.

Note, some places, like shops,  stores, or banks and other such professional environments will not be open late,  even in a place like New York City.  Regular Mortals and Ghouls, Hunters and "Others" have the ability to run day time scenes. (Just annotate it in the title description please)  Day time scenes open up a whole new world of trouble your characters can get in, so weather you live in a penthouse in one of the towering skyscrapers, or in some bolt hole in the warrens below Time Square, be very careful with who knows about your haven. 

There are millions of places a kindred or kine can call his or her home in The City of Darkness, which is New York City, and her surrounding boroughs.  For example: New York has many vertically shaped structures that are designated as rentable apartments.  Some of these apartments are rather posh and in great areas, some are simply just a room or are in higher crime areas.  There are many things to take into consideration when planing your haven/home.  Things you should consider are how much money do you have to spend? Are you living in a borough that supports the sect that you are in? Is it possible to sun-proof your haven if you needed to? Do you want roommates? (Or Pack or Brood mates)  In some cases,  you should take into consideration if you are allowed to live independently or must you live in a communal home like a Tremere Chantry?  Do you want to live in an apartment or other traditional home? Or something else altogether?
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Somewhere Between the Moon and New York City.
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