The City of Darkness: NEW YORK BY NIGHT

A Vampire: The Masquerade Play By Post Set In The Modern Nights Of New York City.
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 About The City of Darkness

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About the Game
The City of Darkness is a Vampire: the Masquerade Play By Post set in the modern nights of New York City.  Here, we celebrate creative writing and revel in the concept of modern gothic horror.  We are not a Twilight style forum where everything is peachy and poppy, where you glitter in the sun.  We are dark, and the character's unlives suffer,  for being amongst the undead is a curse in so many tragic and horrific ways.  We focus on the failures of our characters and the struggles of their ever waning humanities.  Characters in TCOD will have every opportunity to rise and fall based on their own decisions.

Game Nights
The game night takes place over the course of a real life month.  This gives both the players and the Story Tellers a chance to really get through scenes with all the emotion and energy a scene needs.  Depending on the situation, mostly during the holidays, we may extend the game night to two months.  

Posting in the Scenes
On TCOD, we are looking for the players to post meaningful posts, indulge in your creative writing abilities.  Write what your character is thinking, how he moves, what is going on around him.  The response in a single paragraph is sometimes all you need, but we are really hoping to not read 1 small sentence in a post.  When you can elaborate, please, feel free to do just that.
We would hope you spell words correctly as best you can, but understand when you accidentally post typos.  That said, please, do not type intentional misspellings in the  dialogues you post without at least a ((translated version)) of what you just wrote.  It makes it difficult for our international players to translate what you write when you write in ebonics and use words that are misspelled to convey an accent or speech impediment.  If you don't want to go through the troubles of typing a phrase, just to have to retype it in plain English, just say that your character speaks whit a specific accent and the reader will have to hear it in his mind as he reads your words.  The same can be said of characters that speak other languages.  You will not need to type in Spanish or Latin or German if your character speaks that language.  Just type in English and explain some how that they are speaking in whatever language they are speaking in. Or retype the text into ((English)).

Living and Dying in New York
TCOD uses a premade character sheet for dice rolls, and players are permitted to make up to 4 characters at the same time.  That said, this is a grown up game and IC (in Character) beefs with other characters happen, often resulting in situations that would lead to a character's final death.  Backstabbing and political machinations are encouraged.  An Honest style of game play is encouraged, if a character would do something, the player should have them do it.  That said, at the top of your scenes, you should add in the title if you want the scene to be open to all players, closed, or just open to certain clans or sects or specific players.  If you are going to ask a player to join a scene with you with the intentions of harming or killing them, please have the courtesy of letting them know through a PM in advance.  We're not saying you need to ask for permission to kill a character, but you should be forthcoming with your fellow players.
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About The City of Darkness
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